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Highest and Best Use…Or Not.

When NOT improving property is highly profitable.

A Downtown School Just Dropped in Seattle’s Lap

For free (maybe). Will the school district take it on?

Seattle Sets Ride-Service Companies Free

The city council's about-face is a win for Lyft, uberX, consumers.

Want to see a post-Citizens United America? Look North

Canadian politicians do not dial for dollars.

Seattle’s $28 Million Hole

4th Ave and Cherry construction crater nears 10-year milestone.

Event: Sightline on Oil Trains in Anacortes

A community forum to answer your crude-by-rail questions.

The Ingredients for Pro-Kid Cities

A Q and A on how to build dense, family-friendly neighborhoods.

Land Speculation 101

Use a land-value tax to curb speculative excess.

Murray Compromise Lifts Seattle Rideshare Caps

Lyft and UberX win big in the proposed agreement.

Where Are The Northwest’s Kids?

Increasingly, in big cities. Especially Seattle.