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How State Public Money Pays for Coal Exports and Oil Trains

Tracking public fund investments in fossil fuel projects.

Have You Signed?

Countering Big Money in citizens’ initiative signature drives by targeting fraud.

Disputing a Study on Coal Exports and Climate

A poorly designed study assumes that breaking the law is "business as usual."

Canada vs. the USA on Oil Train Standards

Who is number one?

“If We Cannot Escape, Neither Will the Coal”

Northwest Tribes and First Nations block fossil fuel exports.

Full Disclosure

What we can do about money in initiative campaigns.

Initiative Inflation

More money, more problems.

Is a Land-Value Tax Illegal in Seattle?

Analyzing the Washington State constitution.

Measures of Money

The corruption of citizen initiatives.

Ambre Energy’s Troubled History: Greatest Hits Edition!

The "thin green line" of the PNW puts Ambre in its place.