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The Dirt on Coal

Latino Voters Oppose Coal Exports

Opinion research finds Latino opposition to West Coast coal exports to Asia.

Coal: Bringing you fish too toxic to eat

The importance of making the coal-mercury-fish-brain connection.

PSE Should Do the Math (and Show Its Work)

Coal liabilities put Washington ratepayers at risk.

Will Puget Sound Energy Double Down on Coal?

What coal plants and ancient Subarus have in common.

Dirty-Energy Money

Big Oil and Coal have spent $5 million on the Northwest’s Congressional delegation.

The Tale of Two Electrical Outlets

Puget Sound Energy's coal power leaves a big footprint in WA.

Moving WA Beyond Coal

What does a coal-free future look like?

"Environmentalists Say"

A rant about biased news coverage.

Washington’s Bill of (Coal-Free) Health

Under HB1825, Washington would stop producing coal-fired electricity.

Infants Versus Coal: You Decide

Where are Washington's values?