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Seattle's Great Viaduct Debate

As Seattle debates a deep-bore tunnel to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct, Sightline examines the issue of potential cost overruns. The state legislature has made it clear it wants Seattle property owners on the hook—but the cost could be enormous. Read Sightline’s collection of posts on replacing the viaduct and what it means for Seattle residents.

Posts on Seattle's Great Viaduct Debate

Preview: Stuck in a Jam

A new documentary about traffic and transit in Seattle.

At Least The Tunnel Isn’t Boring

The risks of Seattle's "Big Dig" were anticipated, debated...and ultimately ignored.

Alaskan Way Viaduct: More Revenue Shortfalls Expected

Don't count on $200 million from tolls---unless you want massive traffic diversion.

News Flash: Drivers Avoid Tolls

Oh, NOW they tell us.

The Environmental Case Against the Deep-bore Tunnel

Six prominent environmentalists argue against Seattle's proposed deep-bore tunnel.

The Tolled Tunnel: Almost An Earthquake?

Is The Tunnel Worse Than Nothing?

According to the state, a deep bore tunnel with high tolls means more street traffic than no tunnel at all.

Viaduct Diversion, By the Numbers

State models suggest that the deep bore will carry about a third of the existing Viaduct's traffic.

Required Reading on the Tunnel

Dave Roberts interviews Cary Moon.

Sightline at Town Hall

A dialogue about the deep-bore tunnel.