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Sightline Flashcards are quick reference tools for effective communications strategies. They’re messaging memos distilled from experts and savvy communicators—to help you do your job and save you time. The Flashcards focus on values-based communication: strategies for talking about important policies or issue solutions in terms of shared values. Browse the Flashcards to gain insight into particular sustainability issues or simply to hone your values-based communications strategies. Sign up to receive Flashcard talking points emails:

Posts on Flashcards

Users’ Guide: Climate messaging

13 guiding principles from ecoAmerica.

Breaking the Climate Fear Taboo

Why feelings matter for our climate change communications.

Loud and Clear on Climate: Latino voters, leaders…moms

Action on climate change is a very high priority for Latinos.

Climate Disruption With a Chance of Snow

How to talk about climate change when it's really cold out.

The Art of Talking Climate Science

Four essential messaging guidelines for climate scientists talking to non-scientists.

The Entire IPCC Report in 19 Illustrated Haiku

A work of art that doubles as powerful talking points and a visual guide.

Talking Politics on Turkey Day

A game plan for Thanksgiving dinner conversations about government.

Channeling Churchill on Climate Change

Winston Churchill's lessons in bold leadership in the face of a serious threat.

What Can Climate Scientists Learn from Lady Gaga?

Joe Romm showcases lessons in persuasion from Jesus, Lincoln, and Lady Gaga.

Are You Contagious…Enough?

Why ideas catch on and six principles to boost your communications' viral potential.