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Sightline Flashcards are quick reference tools for effective communications strategies. They’re messaging memos distilled from experts and savvy communicators—to help you do your job and save you time. The Flashcards focus on values-based communication: strategies for talking about important policies or issue solutions in terms of shared values. Browse the Flashcards to gain insight into particular sustainability issues or simply to hone your values-based communications strategies. Sign up to receive Flashcard talking points emails:

Posts on Flashcards

Video: The Art of Talking Climate Science

Four messaging tips for climate scientists.

Picture Perfect Energy Efficiency

Your cheat sheet to effective energy efficiency imagery.

Walking and Talking the Thin Green Line

Talking points to win the battle against Northwest fossil fuel exports.

3 Climate Messages That Win

A message triangle to engage and win on climate change and clean energy.

Smarter Street Talk

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways road tested messages about safe streets. Here's what they learned.

What’s Your Climate Change Elevator Pitch?

Katharine Hayhoe, PhD, says: Start with values. Say what you care about.

Got Policy Solutions? Think: Brownies

A messaging recipe for policy wonks.

2014’s Five Fave Flashcards

The most popular Sightline messaging tips of the year.

Reporte Completo del IPCC en 19 Haikus Ilustrados

Una obra de arte que por un lado provee poderosos temas de conversación y por otro, ofrece una guía visual.

How (Not) To Talk About Politicians

Powerful reframes, giving frustration positive direction, and using more productive job descriptions.