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Cascadian Demographics

The Northwest’s population is ever-changing. Sightline’s Eric de Place uses Census data to detail who makes up different parts of our region. Together, these posts reveal the changing face of the Pacific Northwest.

Posts on Cascadian Demographics

Living Longer in British Columbia

Longer life spans a sign of better health north of the 49th parallel.

The Northwest’s Native Residents

Which places have the most people of Native ancestry?

The Northwest’s Asian Indian Residents

Which places have the most people of East Indian ancestry?

Race, Income, and Driving

Income inequality, rather than race and ethnicity, is the trend to watch.

SeaTac’s Foreign-Born Boom

What does one of Washington's most diverse cities look like?

The Northwest’s Global Appeal

Who draws more foreign-born residents? And why?

Sea Otters and Owyhees

How salmon became a Hawaiian dish.

Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in the Northwest

Which Northwest places have the most people of Pacific Islander descent?

Light Rail and Racial Justice in Seattle

New report tackles gentrification, displacement, and opportunity.

Lane County’s Latino Residents

Demographics in the Eugene-Springfield area.