Top Northwest Sustainability Headlines

July 30, 2015

1. Businesses wary of Inslee’s plan to reduce carbon emissions

Gov. Inslee was clear that the new proposal is not his preferred option.

Puget Sound Business Journal | Climate Change | Tweet This

2. Seattle mayor withdraws proposal for more density in single-family zones

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said Wednesday he’ll no longer pursue more density in all of the city’s single-family zones, after all.

The Seattle Times | Affordable housing | Tweet This

3. What should Portland do with food waste?

Table scraps make up 18 percent of region’s waste stream.

Portland Tribune | Composting | Tweet This

4. Why big coal likes gerrymandered districts

A switch to district-only voting would be a win for coal in Whatcom County.

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5. State agency adding human well-being to Puget Sound health indicators

Humans should be part of any consideration of how well Puget Sound’s ecological recovery is going. How we’re thriving and benefiting are critical parts of the equation.

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6. Picture perfect energy efficiency

Your cheat sheet to effective energy efficiency imagery.

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7. Where are Portland’s hottest, most polluted areas?

Researchers are looking for ways to cool down Portland’s hottest, most polluted places and reduce the health risks residents will face in the hotter summers to come with climate change.

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8. Views: Five ways to frame Inslee’s climate plan

Gov. Jay Inslee plan to use his executive authority to limit greenhouse gases might not be as disruptive as doing nothing.

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9. Portland mayor details climate plans following Vatican trip

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales last week joined more than 60 mayors from around the world on a trip to The Vatican to meet with Pope Francis about climate change.

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10. Protesters dangle from bridge in a bid to block Shell icebreaker

Environmental activists are hanging off a Portland bridge in an attempt to block a Shell icebreaker from leaving.

The Seattle Times | Arctic drilling | Tweet This