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Land Use & Transportation

More Tolls for Tacoma Narrows

Yet traffic forecasts still assume steady growth.

Photo Essay: A Family’s Vancouver Bicycle Cruise

The downtown's bikeways, greenways, and separated cycle lanes make for a family-friendly bike ride.

Seattle to See Bigger Presence from Little Cars

Car2go Seattle increases fleet by 50%, covers entire city.

The Dark Side of Cheap Gas

Inexpensive gas means more driving, more gas-guzzlers.

Seattle’s Vision Zero Plan

"We should not accept death as a byproduct of commuting."

Portland’s Vision Zero Plan

20 steps to safer streets.

Seattle District Loses Bid for Downtown School

Plus, 3 lessons for not letting it happen again.

What is Vision Zero?

If one plane crash is one too many, why are thousands of traffic deaths tolerated?

Cascadia’s Car-Sharing Super Bowl

Which city wins the car-sharing trophy?

Seattle’s Downtown School Is Back in Play

School board now "enthusiastic" to bid on Federal Reserve Bank building.