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Food & Sustainable Living

A New Measure of Food Deserts, Part 2

In King County, at least, proximity to a grocery store may not matter.

A New Measure of Food Deserts

Seattle and Portland trail Vancouver in car-free access to healthy food.

Going Postal 2013, addendum

How the Dutch hold back the tide (of junk mail).

Going Postal 2013

Another year of junk mail.

To the Victors Go the Sofas

As California overturns its feckless flammability standard, (nearly) everyone rejoices!

Intrauterine Bling

2,000 years of IUDs, from camels to body mod.

The Trust Game

Why both partners should have control over their fertility.

Beyond the Wallet Condom

Eight promising possibilities for male contraception.

No Boys Allowed

Why we lack good contraceptive options for men.

Shoot Your Shampoo

What toxics and harmful chemicals lurk on our bathroom shelves?