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Climate & Energy

Event: Coastal Washington, the Oil Industry’s Sacrifice Zone

I'll join Grays Harbor area leaders for a free community forum on oil trains.

How Science Denial Derails Scientists

Scientists downplay risks to avoid "alarmist" stereotype. Rebuttals inadvertently reinforce myths.

How Shell Manipulates Washington State Politics

The Polar Pioneer isn’t the company’s only disruptive presence.

A Sea Change for Weathercasters

Trusted messengers on climate and weather move from the denier camp.

Event: Oil Trains in Anacortes

Discussing the facts on oil trains in Skagit County.

Oil Train Explosions: A Timeline in Pictures

Ten explosions in two years, and no end in sight.

3 Climate Messages That Win

A message triangle to engage and win on climate change and clean energy.

The Thin Green Line Grows Stronger

Seattle mayor's blow to Shell's Arctic plans is part of regional fight.

Cloud Peak Posts Its Biggest Coal Export Loss Ever

Export losses weigh heavily on Cloud Peak's bottom line.

Six Pictures that Illustrate the Staggering Growth in Oil by Rail

Where does it come from, and where does it go?