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Climate & Energy

Ridley’s Coal Export Collapse Continues

Major coal port expansion now a stranded asset.

The Oil Spill That Could Happen Here, Part 2

A reminder of just how common—and just how serious—oil pipeline spills are.

Four Charts Show Carbon Pollution Accountability Act is Still Awesome

When polluters pay, jobs grow and Washington schools benefit.

Event: Curious About Carbon Pricing?

Learn how Oregon can make polluters pay.

Event: New Energy for a New Day

The promise of a post-carbon economy for Washington state.

Event: Southwest Washington—the Oil Industry’s Sacrifice Zone?

Eric de Place and Vancouver area experts discuss Big Oil's designs on the city.

Northwest Democracy and Fossil Fuel Money

Listen to an in-depth conversation on oil money in politics.

The Oil Spill That Could Happen Here, Part 1

What's in store for Northwest waters.

Coal, Oil, and Gas Spent $3 Million on Washington Politics in 2014

A look at the fossil fuel industry's methods of buying influence.

Wyoming Legislature Embraces Socialism for Coal

Lawmakers from the Cowboy State say "yee-haw" to corporate welfare.