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Crimp Your Ride

The proliferation of so-called “rideshare” or ride-for-hire companies, like Lyft, Uber, Sidecar, and others has left cities scrambling to figure out whether and how to regulate this new transportation option. Meanwhile, taxi drivers have organized to try to defend their livelihood and point out that they, unlike ride-for-hire drivers (for now), are subject to a thicket of rules and costly investments in order to do their job. A real-life comparison of taxi vs. ride-for-hire kicks off this series in which Jennifer Langston examines the hurdles and opportunities in the new ride-for-hire economy.

Posts on Crimp Your Ride

13. 5 Tips for Portland and Vancouver BC on Uber

Lessons from Seattle's efforts to regulate new ride service companies.

12. Seattle Sets Ride-Service Companies Free

The city council's about-face is a win for Lyft, uberX, consumers.

11. Murray Compromise Lifts Seattle Rideshare Caps

Lyft and UberX win big in the proposed agreement.

10. Ride-For-Hire Roundup

Lawsuits and initiatives and crashes, oh my!

9. Seattle’s New Ride-For-Hire Universe

Seattle caps Lyft, UberX, Sidecar drivers at 150 (for now).

8. Rideshare Update: Caps and Insurance Gaps

Seattle resolves one, not the other.

7. Seattle Headed Towards ‘Rideshare’ Regs

A majority on the city council appears pro-cap.

6. O’Brien’s Taxi Plan Could Work

But not if Seattle 'ridesharing' companies keep the city in the dark.

5. Will Seattle Be the City to Kill ‘Ridesharing’ Companies?

Proposed taxi(ish) regulations make everyone go berserk.

4. What Will Ridesharing Be When It Grows Up?

Maybe the answer doesn't really matter.