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Talking Weather and Climate

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Taking about the weather is a favorite pastime, but as things get weirder—heat waves, wildfires, tornadoes, droughts, floods—many folks are talking about the weather with mystification and even dread. According to climate models, extreme weather will become more frequent or ferocious as the atmosphere continues to warm—and we’re already seeing these impacts.

In this blog series, Communications Strategist Anna Fahey examines how scientists, public figures, and journalists are beginning to link weather and climate, and shares messaging recommendations for how to talk about the connections.

Posts on Talking Weather and Climate

15. Weird Weather = Climate Impacts

Survey says: Americans increasingly see weird weather as linked to climate change.

14. Americans See Climate Change, Here and Now

Americans see more and more weird weather---and link it to climate change.

13. Wildfire Reporting Avoids Climate

Media Matters finds only 3 percent of wildfire news mentioned climate change.

12. Climate and the Colorado Fires

Four expert responses to the wildfires' climate context.

11. Climate’s Weathercaster Problem

Weathercasters are trusted interpreters but lag behind on climate science.

10. Climate—A Winning Wedge Issue At Last?

72 percent of independents acknowledge solid evidence of global warming.

9. Now You’re Talking Climate and Weather

Rule #2: Start with the basics. Do not skip this step!

8. Americans Connect Weather and Climate

Survey finds majorities of Americans understand global warming made extreme weather worse.

7. Latinos: A Moral Obligation to Cut Climate Pollution

A look at American Latino voters' attitudes on climate, energy, and the environment.

6. Seeing Impacts Trumps Climate Science

Americans' so-called "belief" in climate change rebounds after extreme weather year.