Sightline Series

Sustainababy: Born to be Green

Anna Fahey looks at pregnancy and motherhood through the lens of sustainability policy—or, rather, reexamines sustainability policy through her newly acquired “mama lenses.” Beyond myriad personal choices about “green” diapers, bottles, or toys, she finds that pregnancy and the prospect of parenthood shed new light on big policy priorities from food, air, and water quality to climate, energy, and economic security. Readers from across the region are invited to chime in with their experiences of growing green babies.

Posts on Sustainababy: Born to be Green

40. Let It Snow…Baby Clothes

How can we recreate the sustainable, community-boosting magic of snow days and babies the rest of the year?

39. What Demons Lurk in Our Halloween Stuff?

Slave-labor candy, union-busting costumes, and lead-laden makeup?

38. Fatherhood Confronts Climate Change

Environmental journalist Mark Hertsgaard's “Hot” describes what life will be like for his daughter’s generation.

37. Ban BPA: It’s Eco-nomical

Kroger bans BPA from store brands and receipts.

36. Baby’s First Flame Retardants

Chemicals that pose significant health risks are still in baby products.

35. Trading One Sippy-Cup Toxic for Another

Is there a new unknown danger lurking in my baby's BPA-free sippy cup?

34. My Substance Abuse Problem: Sugar

Is sugar a toxin on par with alcohol? And is it killing us?

33. PBDEs in California Kids

New study finds high levels of flame retardants in Latino children.

32. BPA Ban Debated in Oregon

Oregon looks to cut bisphenol A out of baby bottles, sippy cups.

31. The Most Nutrition for Your Nickel

Why cabbage rocks.