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Parking? Lots!

Parking rules buried in city land-use codes have surprisingly pernicious effects. Requirements that builders provide ample quotas of off-street parking spaces worsen traffic, multiply collisions, push up housing prices, dampen business profitability, amplify sprawl, and pollute both air and water. Parking rules are a surprisingly potent hidden force shaping—or misshaping—our communities. Fortunately, new approaches and new technologies allow better ways to manage parking, and these better ways turn out to be among the biggest opportunities open to cities for improving residents’ lives.

Posts on Parking? Lots!

18. How is Parking like a Sandwich?

In parking, as with ham-on-rye, there is no free lunch.

17. Spot-less?

Parking quotas may wither away.

16. Parking Break

Cities are already ditching parking quotas.

15. Curb Appeal

What if you could charge rent for “your” street space?

14. There’s a Place for Us

A SF pilot project is step one toward park-topia.

13. Sightline Hits the Streets(blog)

"Parking? Lots!" visits the other Washington.

12. Park Raving Mad, Cartoon Edition

How cities invent parking quotas, in 71 animated seconds.

11. Underground Parking

The black market, apps, and the future of car storage.

10. Parking Karma

Denny's and the weird economics of car storage.

9. Apartment Blockers

Parking rules raise your rent.