Sightline Series

Bicycle Neglect

In this Daily Score blog series, Alan Durning looks at the issue of “bicycle neglect,” why most Cascadian cities don’t treat bicycles as transportation, which communities are doing the best job, and what’s at stake.

Posts on Bicycle Neglect

21. Cargo bikes

Human-powered pickup trucks.

20. You Haul

Bicycle trailers and human-powered house moves.

19. Transformers

Shape shifting bike trailer-cart-strollers.

18. Zip Cart?

Community carts remove a barrier to walking.

17. Updating the "Granny Cart"

The trunk of the car(less), again.

16. Night Rider

Wearable turn signals for cyclists.

15. Introducing the Bike Tree

Bicycle parking, Japanese style.

14. Secret Bikeways

Informal bike routes of the Sammamish Plateau.

13. Bicycle Respect

Pedal power.

12. Cyc-lingo

Bicycle Neglect, defined.