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Betting the Farm

Northwest farmers are getting on in age. The search is on for the next generation of food-growers, as the demographics of farm ownership may be starting to change.

Bicycle Neglect

Which Cascadian cities are doing best at developing bike networks? And how they can do better?

Big Oil's Accidental Tax Loophole

Giving away millions to the state’s oil industry every year is hard to understand.

BP, Tim Eyman, and I-1053

How Washington's 2010 initiative 1053 was not only undemocratic and unconstitutional, but downright unfair.

Burning Rubber(s)

Better contraceptive options for men are long overdue.

Cap and Trade and the "Gaming" Question

How well-designed carbon pricing systems defy would-be market manipulators.

Cashing In Our Carbon

How and why Oregon and Washington should follow British Columbia's lead and start cashing in on carbon pollution.

Coal Export Trend Reports

Analysis of the US Department of Energy's national and regional quarterly coal export data.

Coal Exports: Caveat Investor

Why the Northwest coal export proposals are proving an increasingly shaky investment for their backers.

Crimp Your Ride

How ride-for-hire (or so-called "rideshare") and taxi regulations may change how you get around.

Don't Let Coal Gerrymander Your Elections

How partisan wrangling over election process could have Big Coal implications for residents of Whatcom County.

Dude, Where Are My Cars?

Throughout the Northwest, transportation planners predict traffic volumes will grow and grow. But over the past decade, actual traffic trends have bucked predictions.

Family-Friendly Cities

If kids are the "indicator species" of healthy cities, then planning our towns with families in mind—from housing to street safety and more—would serve all urban residents well.

Honest Elections Seattle

How a citizens' initiative in Seattle could lead the way for taking back our democracy from Big Money interests.

I-1033: Eyman's Permanent Recession

Layoffs, pay reductions, and significant cutbacks to important services left us all feeling the pinch of the recession. Tim Eyman's 2009 Initiative 1033 in Washington sought to set these financial hardships in stone.

Initiative 1098 and Income Taxes

Sightline set the record straight on a 2010 Washington ballot measure that sought to levy an income tax on the very wealthy to fund schools and health care, as well as reduce taxes for property owners and small businesses.

Inside the Western Climate Initiative

Whats good, bad, and missing from the Western Climate Initiative's 2008 draft proposal?

Legalizing Inexpensive Housing

How updating a few musty housing laws can promote the smart, affordable housing options we need across fast-growing Northwest towns and cities.

Look Who's Taking Oil & Coal Money

Outing purported "green" professionals for their contradictory work pushing Northwest coal and oil exports.

Love for Land-Value Taxes

How a tax mechanism from the 1800s could help Seattle take back the future of its urban core.

Measure 63 in Oregon

A look at a 2008 Oregon ballot measure that sought to change key land use laws.

Metro Matters

Why King County must invest in its transit system.

My Year of Nothing New

Follow Anna Fahey's New Year's resolution to buy nothing new in 2012—saving cash and cutting carbon at the same time.

Parking? Lots!

How obscure parking rules have misshaped our communities and opportunities for better options.

R-52: Cool Schools Washington

EHB 2561, a bill to retrofit school buildings and put energy savings toward education, passed the legislature and is now on its way to the people for a vote.


Sightline celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Sustainababy: Born to be Green

Anna Fahey looks at pregnancy and motherhood through the lens of sustainability policy.

Talking Weather and Climate

In this blog series, Communications Strategist Anna Fahey examines how scientists, public figures, and journalists are linking weather and climate.

Teen Pregnancy: Going... Going...

How to continue the decrease in US teen birth rates.

The Northwest's Pipeline on Rails

A comprehensive look at the nearly one dozen plans that have emerged since 2012 to ship crude oil by train to Northwest refineries and port terminals.

The Parable of the Electric Bike

Imagine an electric bike. Zipping through the city. Surging up hills without gasping for breath. Appealing! So, why haven't they caught on?

The Reluctant Cyclist

Follow Eric Hess's first rides, initial thoughts on commuting, and an introduction to bike culture in this Sightline series.

The Risk of Northwest Oil Spills

What an oil spill from the region's ballooning oil shipping industry would mean for Northwest waterways.

The Wrong Side of the Tracks

How coal and oil trains will disrupt traffic across Northwest communities.

The Year of Living Car-lessly Experiment

After the demise of their family Volvo, Sightline director Alan Durning and his family decided to try living car-free for one year.

This Land: Measure 37's Impact on Oregon

The latest news and analysis on Oregon's "bad-neighbor" law, plus a look at Measure 49, an effort to rewrite Measure 37 to make it more true to what Oregonians want.

Twenty Times Better than the Pill

Contraceptive options and affordability are key to addressing a number of public health and economic concerns.

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What Democracy Looks Like

Mapping a path to political reform and reclaiming our institutions of governance.