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Will Oregon Cook Up a Carbon Tax?

An illustrated taster's guide.

All You Need to Know About BC’s Carbon Tax Shift in Five Charts

The revolution, six years in.

The Truth About Carbon Pricing

Mirror images: carbon taxes and cap-and-trade.

Recipe: Cooking the Books on Carbon Taxes

An extra rich serving of economics.

How To Fix the Washington Transportation Package

Do what's popular: tax hazardous substances and focus on maintenance.

Maintain WA’s Transportation Network with a Carbon Tax

Yoram & Ian's Seattle Times op-ed makes the case for a reality check.

A Textbook Case

How economics textbooks report on climate change.

Sex-ed Hanky Panky

"Facts" used in abstinence-only sex-ed classes.

Bush on Tax Shifting

Deep thoughts on tax reform.

Green Taxes in the NY Times

Playing around with different taxes.