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To the Victors Go the Sofas

As California overturns its feckless flammability standard, (nearly) everyone rejoices!

Non-Toxic Couches? Looks Like We’re Sitting Pretty!

California’s Bureau of Home Furnishings proposes a common sense revision to its outdated flammability standard.

Replacing an Unsafe Fire-safety Test for Couches

Kids, couches, Big Chem, and the 12-second rule.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Credibility of Big Chem’s star witness goes up in smoke.

Have Toxic Couches Finally Met Their Match?

At last, a California bill demands a flammability standard based on fire science.

Toxic Money

Big Chem, dirty politics, and the poison in your couch.

Putting the Chemical Witness on the Hot Seat

Toxic couches, a Northwest burn doctor, and fire science.