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Serena Larkin

Serena Larkin, senior communications associate, maintains and grows the organization’s media relations and online presence. She hails from Chicago with a background in public interest work. Find her full bio here. Email: serena [at] sightline [dot] org.

Serena's Posts

Sightline’s Getting a New Look

And here's your sneak peek!

Listen In: “It Gives Everyone—from a Dishwasher to a Bank President—a Voice”

Honest Elections Seattle on KEXP.

Weekend Reading 9/4/15

Urban design—dramatized, pathologized, music-video-fied.

Weekend Reading 4/3/15

Strategies for writing on climate-denier candidates, how test scores are a metric of income inequality, environmental hip-hop, and more.

Weekend Reading 3/27/15

How our language privileges men, Paris's transportation experiment, and more.

Weekend Reading 3/20/15

Prime-time defense of the Thin Green Line; profiling black Portland; and more.

Event: New Energy for a New Day

The promise of a post-carbon economy for Washington state.

Event: Southwest Washington—the Oil Industry’s Sacrifice Zone?

Eric de Place and Vancouver area experts discuss Big Oil's designs on the city.

Weekend Reading 3/13/15

Worse than Pebble Mine, explaining sexual consent once and for all, and more.

Weekend Reading 3/6/15

Climate change is the ultimate gentrifier, an answer to the hipster fixie, and more.