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Serena Larkin

Serena Larkin, communications associate, maintains and grows the organization’s media relations and online presence. She hails from Chicago with a background in public interest work. Find her full bio here. Email: serena [at] sightline [dot] org.

Serena's Posts

Weekend Reading 12/19/14

"Why is camping a white thing?"; women's share of the sharing economy; and more.

Weekend Reading 12/12/14

Photos from Lima, poetry in motion, and more.

What Has Sightline Ever Done for You?

No, really! Tell us, and win an REI or Powell's gift card!

Weekend Reading 12/5/14

Secrets of the no-waste holidays, breaking through the "bikelash," and more.

Weekend Reading 11/21/14

How our taxes subsidize traffic congestion; and more.

Event: Will a Carbon Tax Fly in Oregon?

Kristin Eberhard and the Corvallis League of Women Voters talk carbon cash.

Weekend Reading 11/14/14

The junk mail-killing app; from the same program that brought you Solyndra, a $5B win for taxpayers; and more.

Weekend Reading 11/7/14

Citizen mappers help fight Ebola, cleaning up the Cloud, and more.

Event: Buying the Ballot Box

Alan Durning talks on money in elections with the League of Women Voters.

Weekend Reading 10/31/14

What is heroism?; bike-friendly Halloween costumes; and more.