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Serena Larkin

Serena Larkin, communications associate, maintains and grows the organization’s media relations and online presence. She hails from Chicago with a background in public interest work. Email: serena [at] sightline [dot] org.

Serena's Posts

Weekend Reading 7/18/14

Readers make the best lovers, the 8-minute Comcast plea, and more.

Weekend Reading 7/11/14

Photos: Lying in a week's worth of your trash, cupcake collapse, and more.

Weekend Reading 7/3/14

Why women aren't people, a personal hippo collection run amok, and more.

Weekend Reading 6/27/14

Frozen is just plain terrible, your Millennial score, and more.

Weekend Reading 6/20/14

Facebook's teen fail, land theft map since 1776, and more.

Weekend Reading 6/13/14

Change the mascot and a sidewalk dinner.

Weekend Reading 6/6/14

The Boomers' climate change fail, homophobia's hidden carbon count, and more.

Weekend Reading 5/30/14

#YesAllWomen, death on the tracks, and more.

Event: Yoram Bauman at Town Hall Seattle

The stand-up economist introduces his new book, The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change.

Weekend Reading 5/23/14

The doctor's prescription: bicycles; outrage fatigue; and more.