Sightline Author

Roger Valdez


Turning the Corner

Using the corner store as a wedge for neighborhood density.

Don't Know Much About History

Idaho governor unveils plans to nullify federal health legislation.

Going Nuclear: Learning How to Sell Energy Efficiency

Taking marketing lessons from nuclear power company Areva.

The Poverty of Ownership

New poverty measure shows fewer renters in poverty.

Sustainable Versus Affordable

Work on a better measure of affordability continues.

The War on Class

Class warfare won't help sustainability.

Hail to the Chief

Learning how to close the Sustainabilty Gap from landmark civil rights case.

Uniform Taxation: A TIF Problem to Solve

The latest twists and turns on Tax Increment Financing in Washington.

The End of Zoning

The sustainble thing is to unlearn what we know about land use.

In From the Cold

Recent energy assistance cuts forshadow effect of debt fears.