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Lisa Stiffler

portrait Lisa Stiffler: Journalism fellow, writes about pressing issues in the Northwest, like polluted stormwater that runs into Puget Sound, or harmful BPA in baby products. Before joining the Sightline team, Stiffler was a reporter at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer for ten years, most of them spent covering environmental issues. Email: lisa [at] sightline [dot] org.

Lisa's Posts

New Fund Will Help More Seattle Residents Build Rain Gardens

The city's RainWise stormwater program gets even better with new dollars to cover upfront costs.

Advice on Rain Barrel Watering Now As a Pamphlet!

An easy way to share the news on using roof runoff to irrigate veggies.

Rain gardens could make runoff safe for salmon

Filtering polluted stormwater through soil makes it non-lethal for fish.

A Green Light for Using Rain Barrel Water on Garden Edibles

New research bolsters the case for roof runoff for irrigation—with some notes of caution.

Which Way to Clean Industrial Stormwater?

The EPA promotes penalties to reach industrial stormwater compliance. Others call for cajoling.

Washington Board Upholds Stormwater Rules

Stringent regs withstand a challenge by Puget Sound cities and counties.

America’s Best Stormwater Monitoring?

Washington's monitoring program promises to be smart and effective.

What Ever Happened to the Stormwater Rules?

Puget Sound stormwater permits have been tied up in legal challenges—but a ruling is coming soon.

The Little Red Wagon Stormwater Solution

Northwest leaders share their strategies for getting rain garden support.

Checklist for a Healthy Rain Garden

Here's how to keep your rain gardens absorbent and attractive.