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Jennifer Langston

Jennifer Langston: Researcher and Sightline Daily editor, combs through thousands of headlines day to bring you the region's top sustainability news. She also writes about issues such as energy, oceans, and riding the bus with her toddler. Previously, she worked at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and other papers in Washington and Idaho. Find her full bio here. Email: jennifer [at] sightline [dot] org.

Jennifer's Posts

Seattle’s Vision Zero Plan

"We should not accept death as a byproduct of commuting."

Portland’s Vision Zero Plan

20 steps to safer streets.

Seattle District Loses Bid for Downtown School

Plus, 3 lessons for not letting it happen again.

What is Vision Zero?

If one plane crash is one too many, why are thousands of traffic deaths tolerated?

Seattle’s Downtown School Is Back in Play

School board now "enthusiastic" to bid on Federal Reserve Bank building.

Why 20 Is Plenty on Neighborhood Streets

New state laws have allowed Portland and Seattle to lower speed limits.

5 Tips for Portland and Vancouver BC on Uber

Lessons from Seattle's efforts to regulate new ride service companies.

How Portland’s Neighborhood Greenways Evolved

And what other cities can learn from the Rose City's low-traffic, family-friendly streets.

A Mom Rediscovers Her Bike

And begins to get what neighborhood greenways could be.

A Missed Opportunity for Seattle’s Downtown School

'This isn't a blip. This is a need.'