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Jennifer Langston

Jennifer Langston: Researcher and Sightline Daily editor, combs through thousands of headlines day to bring you the region's top sustainability news. She also writes about issues such as energy, oceans, and riding the bus with her toddler. Previously, she worked at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and other papers in Washington and Idaho. Email: jennifer [at] sightline [dot] org.

Jennifer's Posts

Are You Planning to Have Kids? (Part 2)

10 lessons from Vancouver's efforts to build family-friendly urban housing.

A Downtown School Just Dropped in Seattle’s Lap

For free (maybe). Will the school district take it on?

Seattle Sets Ride-Service Companies Free

The city council's about-face is a win for Lyft, uberX, consumers.

Are You Planning to Have Kids? (Part 1)

Why downtown Vancouver BC has nearly 5 times more kids than Seattle, and 9 times more than Portland.

The Ingredients for Pro-Kid Cities

A Q and A on how to build dense, family-friendly neighborhoods.

Murray Compromise Lifts Seattle Rideshare Caps

Lyft and UberX win big in the proposed agreement.

Where Are The Northwest’s Kids?

Increasingly, in big cities. Especially Seattle.

The Wrong Way to ‘Rescue’ Metro

The King County Executive vetoes the council's magical thinking on bus cuts.

Blowback: China’s Cross-Pacific Pollution

How much of China's fossil fuel pollution is because of us?

Seattle’s Bus Buyback: Plans D and E (and F)

Mayor Ed Murray's plan to restore Seattle bus service.