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Eric de Place

Eric de Place, policy director, has investigated a wide range of research topics for Sightline, from property rights in Oregon, to regional climate policies. Before coming to Sightline, he worked for the Northwest Area Foundation developing strategies to alleviate poverty in rural communities. Find his full bio here. Email: eric [at] sightline [dot] org.

Eric's Posts

Northwest Democracy and Fossil Fuel Money

Listen to an in-depth conversation on oil money in politics.

The Oil Spill That Could Happen Here, Part 1

What's in store for Northwest waters.

Coal, Oil, and Gas Spent $3 Million on Washington Politics in 2014

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Oil terminals could mean five-fold increase in major vessel traffic.

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Port of Seattle: Gateway to Arctic Drilling?

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Fossil fuel projects could triple the number of vessels.

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Earthjustice, Oil Change International, and Sightline Institute want answers.

Salish Sea Ship Traffic: the Impact of Coal and Oil Plans

Fossil fuel proposals could mean 39 percent increase in vessels.

Why New Improved Oil Trains Are Not Nearly Good Enough

A closer look at the many flaws of CPC-1232 tank cars.

Northwest Oil Spills: The Raw Data and the Growing Risk

Planned projects in US and Canada would dramatically increase spills.