Sightline Author

Eric de Place

Eric de Place: Policy director, has investigated a wide range of research topics for Sightline, from property rights in Oregon, to regional climate policies. Before coming to Sightline, he worked for the Northwest Area Foundation developing strategies to alleviate poverty in rural communities. Email: eric [at] sightline [dot] org.

Eric's Posts

Running “Off the Rails”

ForestEthics' new report on the Northwest fossil fuel blow-up.

Keystone XL vs. Coal Exports

A carbon comparison of Northwest coal plans and a huge tar sands pipeline.

The Man Behind the Exploding Trains

Pulling back the curtain on Warren Buffett's role.

The Growth in Oil-By-Rail in One Picture

Railroads now move 57 times more oil on trains than just a few years ago.

Updated Oil-by-Rail Analysis

Sightline has a new accounting of Northwest oil train projects.

Dust Up

What an internal industry dispute says about coal dust risk.

No Margin for Error

DOT-111 tanks cars are unsafe at any speed.

Video: How Oil Trains Put the Northwest At Risk

Sightline featured in new video on oil trains.

What Would Repealing an Accidental Tax Break Cost Oil Refineries?

Two new graphics on WA's tax giveaway to Big Oil.

Event: Sightline in Vancouver, WA, on Fossil Fuel Exports

Two free public lectures with WSU's Center for Social & Environmental Justice.