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Eric de Place

Eric de Place, policy director, spearheads Sightline Institute’s work on energy policy. He is known as a leading expert on coal and oil export plans in the Pacific Northwest, and he is considered an authority on a range of issues connected to fossil fuel transport. Find his full bio here. Email: eric [at] sightline [dot] org.

Eric's Posts

Setting the Record Straight on Oil Trains

Confronting the facts about a rickety industry.

Propane Terminal Added to Refinery Proposal in Longview

Pouring fuel on the fire, a rail-to-ship facility has potential for large-scale disaster.

Why China Wants Methanol from the Northwest

Three proposed refineries would help them make cheap plastics.

The Impacts of a Grays Harbor Oil Spill, in 13 Slides

How Big Oil jeopardizes Washington coastal tourism and the Quinault Nation.

Washington State Has Forgotten Its Own BP Oil Spill

Remembering when the Nestucca disaster left our shores “to cleanse themselves.”

What Oil Trains Threaten in Grays Harbor

Crude-by-rail terminals could mean steep costs to the local ecology.

Why Northwest Doctors Oppose Oil-by-Rail Development

Physicians for Social Responsibility examines the medical research.

How Money Gets into Our Politicians’ Pockets

Stopping the flow of special interest campaign dollars starts with understanding how it gets there.

What Montana’s Tongue River Railroad Means for Coal Export

A coal market analysis riddled with factual errors boosts the industry’s export schemes.

How Tesoro’s Petrochem Plans May Threaten Anacortes & the Salish Sea

The real hazards of xylene.