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Clark Williams-Derry

Clark Williams-Derry, deputy director, leads Sightline's research and outreach efforts. Clark brings considerable powers of data geekery to blog topics like climate change and transportation patterns. Previously, Williams-Derry served as senior analyst with the Environmental Working Group. Find his full bio here. Email: clark [at] sightline [dot] org.

Clark's Posts

Pacific Rim Coal Prices Continue to Tumble

Coal exporters are seeing red...and red latest price drops.

Coal Exports: Unfair Market Value

By ignoring exports, BLM underprices federal coal.

Bad News for Ridley Terminal

For Canadian coal export terminal, a series of unfortunate events.

South Korea’s All-New Tax on Imported Coal

A win for human health and the climate, but a loss for US exporters.

To Revitalize Downtowns, Tax Land Speculation

Five reasons to love land-value taxes.

Of Pop Rocks and Coal Exports

Exploding the urban legend that coal exports will be good for the climate.

PRB Coal Exports Through Mexico?

New coal export proposal may signal desperation over Northwest terminals.

Cloud Peak Is Losing Money on Coal Exports

But the company's export strategy virtually guarantees continued losses.

Has Wyoming Passed Peak Coal?

Nation's top coal state saw a 17 percent decline in just 5 years.

Arch Coal’s Export Disappointment

The company is now paying for its overconfidence on coal exports.