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Clark Williams-Derry

Clark Williams-Derry: Deputy director, leads Sightline's research and outreach efforts. Clark brings considerable powers of data geekery to blog topics like climate change and transportation patterns. Previously, Williams-Derry served as senior analyst with the Environmental Working Group. Email: clark [at] sightline [dot] org.

Clark's Posts

New Video: The Pacific Rim Coal Bubble

Coal prices rose then collapsed...leaving Northwest export projects hanging by a thread.

Another Look at Declining Seattle Traffic

Slow-moving trends add up to a big shift in how we get around.

A New Measure of Food Deserts

Seattle and Portland trail Vancouver in car-free access to healthy food.

Traffic on the Viaduct: Falling, But Maybe Not So Fast

SDOT has backed away from numbers showing that traffic has collapsed.

Transit Score: Cascadia Smackdown

Why does Vancouver top Seattle and Portland?

Can DOTs Help Themselves?

Despite years of flawed forecasts, state and federal DOTs still project rapid traffic growth.

Declining Traffic Through Seattle

North-south traffic through Seattle peaked way back in 1998.

Traffic on the Alaskan Way Viaduct Has Collapsed

Steep declines hint at Bertha's irrelevance.

Better than a Shovel?

Well, maybe not at the moment, Bertha.

CRC Seismic Retrofit: Down the Memory Hole

ODOT bridge engineer can't remember his own study.