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Clark Williams-Derry

Clark Williams-Derry, deputy director, leads Sightline's research and outreach efforts. Clark brings considerable powers of data geekery to blog topics like climate change and transportation patterns. Previously, Williams-Derry served as senior analyst with the Environmental Working Group. Find his full bio here. Email: clark [at] sightline [dot] org.

Clark's Posts

The Dark Side of Cheap Gas

Inexpensive gas means more driving, more gas-guzzlers.

Cloud Peak Projects Major Coal Export Losses

Coal company projects substantial losses on exports.

Coal Export Markets in Freefall

Falling prices, declining Chinese imports spell bad news for export proposals.

Cascadia’s Car-Sharing Super Bowl

Which city wins the car-sharing trophy?

The Ongoing Coal Export Collapse at BC’s Ridley Terminal

Weak coal shipments suggest that the coal terminal's capacity expansion was a waste.

Chinese Coal Imports Falling Fast

November imports are down 26 percent year over year.

What Ambre Says About Its Financial Collapse

Official disclosures show financial disarray, imminent bankruptcy...and no choice but to sell to creditors.

Ambre Energy Bungles News of Its Own Demise

Did the Australian firm forget to tell its North American underlings about its impending implosion?

The Money Behind Northwest Coal Exports

Ambre Energy's financial backer makes money by finding a bigger sucker.

Washington State Traffic Forecast Finally Recognizes Reality

Does Washington's new road forecast spell the end of "build now, pay later"?