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Anna Fahey

Anna Fahey: Senior communications strategist, oversees opinion research and distills best practices in messaging. You'll find her writing posts on how to communicate about tricky issues like climate change and government. Prior to Sightline, Fahey received her MA in political communication from the University of Washington. Email: anna [at] sightline [dot] org.

Anna's Posts

Users’ Guide: Climate messaging

13 guiding principles from ecoAmerica.

Video: Finding Moral Power in Our Climate Work

Cascadia Climate Collaborative looks at the emotional dimensions of this fight.

Survey Says: Americans want to cut carbon pollution

Voters want government action on climate. They want clean energy, not coal.

Loud and Clear on Climate: Latino voters, leaders…moms

Action on climate change is a very high priority for Latinos.

How the Passive Voice Kills Your Message

We should listen to speeches and craft our own messages like detectives, asking whodunnit?

Climate Disruption With a Chance of Snow

How to talk about climate change when it's really cold out.

Latino Voters Oppose Coal Exports

Opinion research finds Latino opposition to West Coast coal exports to Asia.

The Art of Talking Climate Science

Four essential messaging guidelines for climate scientists talking to non-scientists.

The Entire IPCC Report in 19 Illustrated Haiku

A work of art that doubles as powerful talking points and a visual guide.

Talking Politics on Turkey Day

A game plan for Thanksgiving dinner conversations about government.