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Anna Fahey

Anna Fahey: Senior communications strategist, oversees opinion research and distills best practices in messaging. You'll find her writing posts on how to communicate about tricky issues like climate change and government. Prior to Sightline, Fahey received her MA in political communication from the University of Washington. Email: anna [at] sightline [dot] org.

Anna's Posts

Poll: Are Voters Warming to a Carbon Tax?

Majorities in favor, even Republicans. But it hinges on where the money goes.

Global Warming and Monster Wildfires

The fingerprints of climate change are all over "monster" wildfire crime scenes.

American Mom and Pops Want Climate Fixes

Poll: American small business owners favor climate action.

5 Elements of Good Stories—5 Deadly Sins

How to win (or lose) the "Story Wars" (Part I).

A Climate Mainstream that Crosses Party Lines?

Study finds far right of GOP out of sync with American mainstream climate views.

Climate Messaging, McCarthy-Style

Gina McCarthy delivers a powerful message about carbon pollution standards.

We’re Ready to Cut Climate Pollution

Poll: Americans support EPA's climate pollution standards.

Messages Made to Stick

Six principles to make your messages memorable.

Your True Colors

Don't be afraid to let them show.

Talking Government? Say It Like Elizabeth Warren

Talking points from Elizabeth Warren on goverment's important role.