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Cascadia’s Car-Sharing Super Bowl

Which city wins the car-sharing trophy?

Shifting Bike-and-Ride into Higher Gear

Creative solutions for making bike-and-riding a breeze.

Older Boomers, Less Driving

The peaking of the middle-aged population will shift per capita driving into reverse.

Northwest Car-Sharing Olympics

Portland and Vancouver vie for the gold while Seattle lags behind.

Dude, Where Are My Cars: Spokane

Spokane joins the declining-traffic club.

Measuring Congestion Wrong, Version 3.0

New congestion report, same old flaws.

Dude, Where Are My Cars: I-405

Through central Bellevue, traffic on I-405 has been flat for a decade.

Traffic Forecasting: A Blast from the Present

Reliably-wrong traffic models are so passe...right?