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Alan Durning

Alan Durning: Executive director and founder of Sightline Institute, has penned many popular blog series, including car-less living, bicycle neglect, and climate fairness. Prior to Sightline, Durning was a senior researcher at Worldwatch Institute, where he studied the human dimensions of sustainability and wrote the award-winning book How Much Is Enough? Read his full bio. Email: alan [at] sightline [dot] org.

Alan's Posts

Dear Mr. Mayor

What I wish you'd said.

Honest Elections Seattle Tames Lobbying Money

Candidates banned from taking money from big lobbying spenders.

Video: Who Funds Seattle’s Political Candidates?

What Seattle's money in politics looks like in two minutes.

Interactive Map: Who Funds Seattle’s Political Candidates?

Half of political contributions come from 0.3% of the city's population.

Who Funds Seattle’s Political Candidates?

Mostly, rich, white people with view homes.

HALA and the Neighborhoods: What’s the Story?

Open up Seattle’s single-family zoning to those who aren’t rich.

HALA and the $100,000 Question

What kind of city does Seattle want to be?

“I Love the Change I’ve Seen in My Neighborhood in the Last Ten Years”

A homeowner on why growth and density are good things.

Event: Lawrence Lessig at Town Hall Seattle

The democracy reform guru heads to the Northwest.

How the Big Apple Boosted Small Donors

And how Seattle’s Honest Elections initiative could do it even better.