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Alan Durning

Alan Durning: Executive director and founder of Sightline Institute, has penned many popular blog series, including car-less living, bicycle neglect, and climate fairness. Prior to Sightline, Durning was a senior researcher at Worldwatch Institute, where he studied the human dimensions of sustainability and wrote the award-winning book How Much Is Enough? Read his full bio. Email: alan [at] sightline [dot] org.

Alan's Posts

The Seattle Times’ Four Critiques of Honest Elections Seattle…

...are riddled with errors and misunderstandings.

Dear Mr. Mayor

What I wish you'd said.

Honest Elections Seattle Tames Lobbying Money

Candidates banned from taking money from big lobbying spenders.

Video: Who Funds Seattle’s Political Candidates?

What Seattle's money in politics looks like in two minutes.

Interactive Map: Who Funds Seattle’s Political Candidates?

Half of political contributions come from 0.3% of the city's population.

Who Funds Seattle’s Political Candidates?

Mostly, rich, white people with view homes.

HALA and the Neighborhoods: What’s the Story?

Open up Seattle’s single-family zoning to those who aren’t rich.

HALA and the $100,000 Question

What kind of city does Seattle want to be?

“I Love the Change I’ve Seen in My Neighborhood in the Last Ten Years”

A homeowner on why growth and density are good things.

Event: Lawrence Lessig at Town Hall Seattle

The democracy reform guru heads to the Northwest.