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Alan Durning

Alan Durning: Executive director and founder of Sightline Institute, has penned many popular blog series, including car-less living, bicycle neglect, and climate fairness. Prior to Sightline, Durning was a senior researcher at Worldwatch Institute, where he studied the human dimensions of sustainability and wrote the award-winning book How Much Is Enough? Read his full bio. Email: alan [at] sightline [dot] org.

Alan's Posts

Video: A League of Their Own

Money in politics, the Women Voters, and radio celeb Dave Ross.

Jury-Rigging Democracy

Better information to limit Big Money’s initiative power.

Seattle Goes Backward on Micro-housing

What will it take to build a power base for inexpensive housing?

Have You Signed?

Countering Big Money in citizens’ initiative signature drives by targeting fraud.

Full Disclosure

What we can do about money in initiative campaigns.

Initiative Inflation

More money, more problems.

Measures of Money

The corruption of citizen initiatives.

Big Is Beautiful

Michael Lind, contra E.F. Schumacher.

California, Here We Come

Washington should join the carbon cap.

There Is Such a Thing as Too Much Rebecca Solnit

A sad discovery.