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Alan Durning

Alan Durning: Executive director and founder of Sightline Institute, has penned many popular blog series, including car-less living, bicycle neglect, and climate fairness. Prior to Sightline, Durning was a senior researcher at Worldwatch Institute, where he studied the human dimensions of sustainability and wrote the award-winning book How Much Is Enough? Read his full bio. Email: alan [at] sightline [dot] org.

Alan's Posts

Citizens Re-United?

Cascadia could lead the national response to McCutcheon.

Will Oregon Cook Up a Carbon Tax?

An illustrated taster's guide.

My Sixth Extinction Facepalm

An open letter to Elizabeth Kolbert.

The G-Word

Distrust, corruption, and the Catch-22 of democracy.

All You Need to Know About BC’s Carbon Tax Shift in Five Charts

The revolution, six years in.

Going Postal 2013, addendum

How the Dutch hold back the tide (of junk mail).

Going Postal 2013

Another year of junk mail.

Filibuster Win!

The most fundamental shift in a generation.


Parking quotas may wither away.

Parking Break

Cities are already ditching parking quotas.