About Sightline Daily

Sightline Daily—a service of Sightline Institute—provides a snapshot of the most important environmental, social, and economic news and sustainability policy analysis affecting the people and places of the Northwest. Our articles, research, daily news roundup, and messaging and policy resources keep regional decision-makers, emerging leaders, media, and engaged citizens up-to-date and on top of their game.

We keep you informed in two ways:

  • Our blog: Sightline’s researchers look at sustainability trends and issues across our region—delving into issues from climate change and transportation to money in politics and economic choices. Our team connects the dots between issues and highlights smart solutions.
  • Daily news: Our curated news service delivers a snapshot of the most important sustainability stories of the day. Our editors rise early and read more than 120 media outlets from the Northwest and beyond. We handpick our top 10 stories, publish the list on this site each morning, and deliver them by email to nearly 5,000 subscribers.

Sightline Daily is a community-supported project that relies on the generosity of our readers. Please consider making a donation to help keep this work going.

About Sightline Institute

Founded in 1993, Sightline Institute is committed to making the Northwest a global model of sustainability—with strong communities, a green economy, and a healthy environment. We work to promote smart policy ideas and monitor the region’s progress towards sustainability.

We believe true sustainability exists at the intersection of environmental health and social justice.

Sightline has long championed sustainability solutions that benefit all our communities in the Northwest. We strive to identify injustice and work to dismantle the systems that perpetuate it. We actively seek to expand our role in advancing public policy and producing resources for Northwest leaders and community partners that tackle issues of racial and economic inequality.

With the support of our community, Sightline provides in-depth research reports; maps, graphics and tools; and Sightline Daily—news and views for a sustainable Northwest.

You can learn more about our work at Sightline’s website.

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