Sightline on Coal and Oil Schemes in the Northwest

A podcast on Northwest fossil fuel exports.
This post is part of the research project: Northwest Coal & Oil Exports

If you’re following Sightline’s work on Northwest fossil fuel exports and oil train projects, you may enjoy listening to this radio segment I did this morning on KBOO, a community radio station based in Portland. The piece is around 45 minutes long, which I think is a nice length for digging into issues in a more substantive way than most media formats allow.

You can listen at this link.

A big thanks to Locus Focus host Barbara Bernstein for inviting me onto the program, and for developing a very thoughtful line of inquiry.



  1. Dean Smith says:

    Couldn’t get the link to work. I’m wondering if we start fighting the oil trains we might expect to succeed about the time the Bakken Play is in steep decline.

    • Eric de Place says:

      Looks like their website is temporarily down…

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