Video: Sightline on Coal Exports

How coal shipments will affect the Northwest.
This post is part of the research project: Northwest Coal & Oil Exports

Last week I taped an interview session with Seattle Community Media on coal exports. You can watch it here:

The interviewer is Valerie Tarico. The program is part of the Moral Politics program produced by Bill Alford. This episode will air for the first time on Friday at 8:30 pm on Comcast channel 77 in the Seattle area.

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  1. Uncle Vinny says:

    It’s worth hammering again and again on that point about how long the waits will be if all that coal moves through our area. 1-2 hour waits PER DAY, 365 days per year, is just incredible. I wonder if there is info available comparing this delay to the current levels in places like Marysville or SoDo? Would breaking the trains up into smaller chunks be feasible for the coal companies? Or would the additional overhead and train employees they’d need to pay ruin the economic story for them?

  2. Uncle Vinny says:

    Also: Thursday, Dec 13th at the Washington State Convention Center from 4pm to 7pm is the Environmental Impact Meeting. More hammering!

  3. joan Lieberman-Brill says:

    thank you for this video. I learned so much. It would be a shame if this project goes through. This is one of those stories that deserves a lot of media attention. Is the Seattle Times and our local news outlets covering this story?

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