Courting Families in Portland

How Portland removed barriers to family-friendly courtyard housing.
City of Portland Courtyard Housing Competition, by Emily S. Kociolek, Krzysztof Kociolek

Image by Emily S. Kociolek, Krzysztof Kociolek via City of Portland Courtyard Housing Competition

When we moved into our house 10 years ago, no one on our street had kids. Now, there are eight on our side alone.

My daughter lurks at the bottom of our neighbors’ front stairs, hoping she can round up a gaggle of kids. But figuring out where they can physically play outside can be awkward. Some of us have small decks and front yards, but they’re high off the sidewalk and not quite childproof for younger siblings. Our narrow  …  read more »

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Event: “The Thin Green Line” in Bellingham

A presentation and Q&A on Northwest coal, oil, and gas exports.
Original Sightline Institute graphic by Don Baker Design, available under our free use policy.

Original Sightline Institute graphic by Don Baker Design, available under our free use policy.

Next week, I’ll be in Bellingham at Western Washington University talking about the massive coal, oil, and gas export projects slated for sites throughout the Pacific Northwest—or, as we at Sightline have come to call our region, the Thin Green Line. It’s the place that stands between big energy companies’ inland fossil fuel stores and large Asian markets primed to burn these dirty fuels.

I’ll be hosted by the Border Policy Research Institute and Fairhaven College’s World Issues Forum …  read more »

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Weekend Reading 9/19/14

PARK(ing) day is here!; Worldwide border abolishment; and more.
Original illustration by Nina Montenegro of


Don’t forget to visit your city’s PARK(ing) Day installations TODAY! (I’m dying to stop by Seattle Met‘s SwaPark.) Here are listings for Seattle, but I’m having trouble finding them for Portland, Vancouver, Eugene, Spokane, Olympia, Salem, Burnaby… others? If you have links, share ‘em! Better yet, if you visit one today, snap a photo and send it to me!


Three think pieces this week:

Should we aim to open all borders, worldwide? “Allowing free  …  read more »

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A Month of Disappointments for Coal Exporters

The bad news for the coal industry keeps rolling in.

It’s been a tumultuous month for proponents of massive coal export terminals in BC, Washington, and Oregon. In fact, there’s been so much news that it’s been hard to keep track of it all.

So here’s a synopsis of the month’s biggest stories:

  • Oregon’s denial of the Morrow Pacific coal export project has sent would-be coal exporters into a panic.

On August 18 Oregon denied a key permit for Ambre Energy’s proposed Morrow Pacific export terminal on the Columbia River. Ambre appealed the decision …  read more »


How State Public Money Pays for Coal Exports and Oil Trains

Tracking public fund investments in fossil fuel projects.

Have You Signed?

Countering Big Money in citizens’ initiative signature drives by targeting fraud.

Weekend Reading 9/12/14

#WhyIStayed; This is your region on coal exports; The marriage bonus; and more.

Disputing a Study on Coal Exports and Climate

A poorly designed study assumes that breaking the law is "business as usual."

Climate Change in Plain Language

Your new go-to one-pager on talking climate like a pro.

Canada vs. the USA on Oil Train Standards

Who is number one?