Weekend Reading 10/2/15

Bungalows = McMansions of the 1910s, the impacts of climate pollution on Native cultures, and more.
Original illustration by Nina Montenegro of ghosttide.com.


The bungalows revered by neighborhood preservationists and nostalgists as egalitarian and right-sized were the luxury displacement wave of a century ago. An important piece.


Darrell Hillaire, one of the Lummi Nation elders and a longtime friend of Sightline, is raising money to produce a film about the impacts of climate pollution on Native cultures and traditions. The film will feature Northwest Native leaders sharing traditional stories about transforming mankind’s treatment of the planet and each other. Find out  …  read more »

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Propane Terminal Added to Refinery Proposal in Longview

Pouring fuel on the fire, a rail-to-ship facility has potential for large-scale disaster.

The latest wave in the tsunami of the Northwest fossil fuel export schemes has washed up in the form of a propane-by-rail facility on the Columbia River. A firm currently calling itself Waterside Energy recently announced plans for a $450 million liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), or propane, export project at the Port of Longview in Washington. The proposal comes on top of a revamped plan by the company to develop an $800 million oil refining operation there to be called  …  read more »

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Event: Build Small, Live Large

The future of sustainable housing.

Curious about small and sustainable housing?

The Build Small Live Large Summit in Portland next month will explore the leading edge of the space-efficient housing movement where design, cost, and care for the environment intersect with the needs of today’s communities. The goal of this one-day summit is to increase the demand for space-efficient housing in the region by informing, inspiring, and connecting those interested in building small. Leaders in this movement will share what’s working and what’s next, including  …  read more »

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The Seattle Times’ Four Critiques of Honest Elections Seattle…

...are riddled with errors and misunderstandings.

The Seattle Times recently editorialized against I-122 Honest Elections Seattle. Its arguments betray an unfortunate lack of understanding of the citizens’ initiative itself and failure to look at experience with other citizen-funded election campaigns across the United States. To set the record straight, I’ll address each of the editorial board’s four points.

The Times writes:

The proposal counts on people not participating. . . . Only about . . . 13 percent . . . of the vouchers could be redeemed before the money runs out. While the initiative suggests all voters should have a chance to contribute to campaigns — using taxpayer dollars — it assumes only a small percentage of voters would actually bother to do so, even when the money doesn’t come out of their own pockets. More money, more apathy.

The truth is that Honest Elections Seattle projects and counts on more people giving to local campaigns than ever seen in Seattle or anywhere else in the United States. I-122 gives Democracy Vouchers to every registered voter in the city, giving them a voice in local politics as never before. In my dreams, everyone would treasure and use those vouchers. Read more »

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Pope Francis’ Climate Change Talking Points

Your guide to Pope Francis’ forceful global warming message.

Weekend Reading 9/25/15

The Pope in DC, Seattle's missing middle, tree goats, and more.

The Oil Industry’s California Playbook

The arguments you can expect against smart anti-pollution legislation.

Why China Wants Methanol from the Northwest

Three proposed refineries would help them make cheap plastics.

Event: The Thin Green Line in Tacoma

Standing up to oil trains in the City of Destiny.

Listen In: How Oregon Leads on Voting Rights

A Thank You Democracy radio interview with Sightline and The Bus Project.