Events: Sightline on Regional Fossil Fuel Activism

Panel discussions on the Northwest in a changing energy landscape.
Used with permission

Used with permission The Thin Green Line by Don Baker

In the coming weeks I’ll be speaking on panels at two conferences—one on ecosystems and one on poetry. The common thread that I hope to weave into each will be The Thin Green Line—the notion that the Northwest is uniquely positioned to thwart large-scale fossil fuel exports.

Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference (downtown Seattle)

    • When: Wednesday, April 30, 3:30 to 5:00
    • Where: Washington State Convention & Trade Center in downtown Seattle
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Talking Government? Say It Like Elizabeth Warren

Talking points from Elizabeth Warren on goverment's important role.

Because the term itself has been so systematically loaded with negative connotations, talking about government can seem like tricky territory to tread. So tricky, it means that many American communicators shy away from it—even those of us who believe most deeply in the role of government in protecting our health, safety, security, environment, and economy, and upholding and safeguarding our core values and principles—freedom, opportunity, and justice for all.

This Flashcard is one in an occasional series meant to help NW communicators talk more effectively about our government, examining, in particular, how communications experts and some of government’s most outspoken natural defenders define its role.

Elizabeth Warren, US Senator from Massachusetts, has gained recognition for consistently championing government policies, regulations, and taxes, as our tools for working together to build ladders of opportunity into the middle class and to protect ourselves from corporate special interests, especially Wall Street and the too-big-to-fail banks. read more »


Your Hero’s New Story

Version two of the Heroes' Narrative handbook is out today.

Last year, the Communications Hub, a program of Fuse Washington, released what became a highly popular and widely used guide to effective storytelling for progressive advocates. After months of collaborative work, countless editing rounds, and a bit of design back-and-forth, the Hub is out with version two—and it’s a treasure trove.

The “handbook to reclaim our future” delivers a user-friendly, piece-by-piece guide to constructing a progressive cause’s own powerful story. It directs you through the process of identifying your organization’s  …  read more »


Illegal Play

Climbing trees, skipping stones, and making daisy chains should not be banned in Northwest parks.
Photo by Jennifer Langston

Photo by Jennifer Langston

My kid is a rule follower. She would rather cut off her leg than be in trouble, wants stories told precisely the same way every time, lives to enforce playground rules, and for most of her toddler years wanted to grow up to be a crossing guard.

This bugs a person like me. I worry that I’m not providing opportunities to test boundaries, develop independence, be resourceful, strike out on adventures, make questionable choices, and have the run of our neighborhood. But as a parent raising a five-year-old in a fairly urban environment, I first really need her to stop forgetting to look for cars.

In the meantime, our default is to head to one of the Northwest’s great public parks, beaches, or playgrounds. Yet my worst fears about her stunted opportunities for play were recently reinforced in this stunning accounting of things that are technically illegal for kids to do there.

Like climbing trees, catching frogs, erecting a fort, turning sticks into light sabers, digging a hole, throwing rotten apples, or making a daisy chain. read more »


PR Firm WA2 Advocates Takes Coal Money

Tony Williams and Jeff Bjornstad paid to promote coal exports.

Weekend Reading 4/18/14

Inequalities, oligarchies, requiems, and more.

Washington Board Upholds Stormwater Rules

Stringent regs withstand a challenge by Puget Sound cities and counties.

Gov. Inslee Hires Coal Lobbyist to Direct Policy Office

Controversial hire raises questions about coal export plans in Washington.

Industry to Feds: “We Will Not Remove Any Unsafe Oil Rail Cars from Service”

What the oil industry's own numbers say about their commitment to safety.

New Video: The Pacific Rim Coal Bubble

Coal prices have collapsed...leaving Northwest export projects hanging by a thread.